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Days 3 and 4 of the joint Haapamäen Museoveturiyhdistys ry and Branch Line Society tour went from Kajaani to Oulu then Seinäjoki covering further freight only lines and included a visit to the narrow gauge Nykarleby Jernväg; would have been rude not to seeing that we went right past it!
2343 at ÄmmänsaariFinland2343 at Laajakangas2343 at Laajakangas2343 at Vaala1112 at Vaala2343 at Vaala3060 at Vaala23433086 at Pikkarala2343 at Lapaluoto2343 at RaaheRaahe2343 at Raahe3203 at Kokkola3051 at Kokkola3051 at Kokkola1159 at Kokkola2343 at YkspihlajaYkspihlaja

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