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Photographs from the first two days of our first ever visit to Finland which were based in Helsinki with trips to Pori, Turku and ending up in Jyväskylä via Siilinjärvi.
2632 at Pori2663 at PoriPori3015 at Pori3033 at Pori30153015 at Pori3223 at Turku2623 at Turku3234 at Turku859 at Kouvola3001 at Kuopio2756 at Siilinjärvi3006 at Siilinjärvi3104 at Kuopio7617 at Jyväskylä2650 at Jyväskylä2634 at Jyväskylä3004 at Jyväskylä3004 at Jyväskylä

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