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More from the Czech Republic from Nové Údolí on the German / Austrian border in the south to Kořenov near the Polish border in the north.
Also included are pictures from the railway museum at Jaroměř, a visit to the unique 1500v DC Tábor / Bechyně line and a leased "Vectron" locomotive working for ČD between Praha and Ústí nad Labem.
754 074 at Nové Údolí754 074 at Nové Údolí362 117 at České Budějovice242 249 at České BudějoviceČeské Budějovice242 249 at České Budějovice242 230 at České Budějovice362 117 at České Budějovice750 714 at Hradec Králové hl n742 065 at JaroměřJaroměř3859 at Jaroměř310 006 at Jaroměř716 517 at Jaroměř403 303 at Jaroměř2 at Jaroměř365 024 at JaroměřM131.144 at Jaroměř710 433 at JaroměřT211 1532 at Jaroměř

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