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The fifth and final day of the joint Branch Line Society and Haapamäen Museoveturiyhdistys ry tour was a simple out and back trip from Seinäjoki to Kaskinen and back with an "add on" to Haapamäki in order to get the museum train "home". The final pictures in this gallery were taken on our way back to Helsinki via a trip to Vaasa.
1037 at Kurikka2343 at Kurikka2343 at KurikkaKurikka2343 at Kaskinen satama2343 at Kaskinen Metsä Board2343 at Kaskinen2343 at PeräläPerälä2343 at SeinäjokiSeinäjokiHaapamäki2343 at Haapamäki953 at HaapamäkiHaapamäki1422 at Haapamäki1140 at Haapamäki753 at HaapamäkiHaapamäki998 at Haapamäki

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