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The first two and a bit days of our first proper visit to Slovenia, locations visited include Ljubljana, Kamnik Graben, BTC City, Koper, Litija, Zidani Most, Celje, Imeno and Velenje.
363 038 at Ljubljana642 186 at Ljubljana713 104 at Kamnik Graben713/5 105 at Kamnik Graben715 105 at Kamnik Graben713 114 at BTC City Ljubljana715 114 at BTC City Ljubljana715 114 at BTC City Ljubljana541 014 at Postojna911 009 at Postojna541 107 at Divača363 023 at Koper Capodistria711 003 and 711 004 at Koper Capodistria363 023 at Koper CapodistriaU37 at Koper CapodistriaHrastovlje911 303 at Divača28-006 at Divača541 014 at Divača363 016 at Pivka

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