JandJ Cottrell's Rail Photos | Bayern and Baden-Württemberg, 26th September to 1st October 2017
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A few days in southern Germany, starting in München before moving onto the Stuttgart area with visits to the narrow gauge Öchsle Bahn and Alb-Bähnle.
193 286 at Rosenheim185 664 at München Hbf185 603 at Ulm Hbf61-80 80-91 127-3 at Ulm Hbf101 111 at Ulm Hbf101 055 at Ulm Hbf246 037 at Friedrichshafen Stadt218 456 at Friedrichshafen Stadt193 775 at München Hbf218 491 at Friedrichshafen Stadt245 037 at Friedrichshafen StadtWarthausenV22-01 at WarthausenKö 0262 at Warthausen629 347 at Warthausen629 347 at Warthausen99 788 at Warthausen218 495 at Warthausen99 788 at OchsenhasenV15 908 at Ochsenhausen

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