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The first two days of a five day railtour run jointly by Haapamäen Museoveturiyhdistys ry and the Branch Line Society with the aim of covering some threatened freight only lines.
The tour started in Jyväskylä, then went via Suolahti to Iisalmi on the first day then via several branches to Kajaani on day 2.
Lohikoski2343 at Lohikoski2343 at SuolahtiSuolahti satama2343 at Valtra Oy2343 at Suolahti2343 at Suolahti2343 at Saarijärvi4135 at Saarijärvi4117 at Saarijärvi4135 at Saarijärvi2343 at Keitelepohja2609 at Keitelepohja2609 at Keitelepohja2343 at HaapajärviPyhäkumpu2343 at Pyhäkumpu2343 at Pyhäkumpu2343 at PyhäkumpuPyhäkumpu

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