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A two-day tour which was a jointly organised by Grumpy Railtours and some Czech enthusiasts who wanted arrange a photo charter with a "troop train" for lineside photographers with a contingent from the UK to fill the passenger coaches to share the costs.
Motive power was to be three class 751 "grumpy" locomotives, T478 1001 (751 001), T478 1002 (751 002) and T478 2069 (752 069) in various combinations on both the front and rear of the train. The route taken was from Brno-Židenice to Nové Mesto nad Váhom (including the avoiding line to turn the train) and back to Veselí nad Moravou (day1) and Veselí nad Moravou to Bylnice and Horní Lideč and return to Brno-Židenice (day 2).
350 020 at Brno-Židenice242 272 at Brno-Židenice362 111 at Brno-Židenice386 021 at Brno-ŽideniceMTW100-001 at Brno-Židenice742 430 at Brno-Židenice750 710 at Brno-Židenice740 430 at Brno-Židenice242 247 at Brno-Židenice740 850 at Brno-ČernoviceT478 1002 at NesoviceT478 1002 at NemoticeT478 1001 at KyjovT478 1001 at KyjovKyjov31 54 3937 246-9 at KyjovT478 1001 at BzenecT478 1001 at BzenecT478 1001 at MyavaT478 1001 at Myava

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