JandJ Cottrell's Rail Photos | Mariazellerbahn and tramway, 4th September 2011
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Two days spent on the wonderful Mariazellerbahn, the first day with steam loco MH6 which we have been trying to catch up with for years and the second day attempting (and failing) to have a 2095 diesel hauled train all the way to Mariazell. Never mind, it gives us an excuse for another visit. We also paid a visit to the Mariazell Museumstramway on the 4th; do go if you get the chance!
1099.02 at ObergrafendorfMh6 at Obergrafendorf5090 011 at LaubenbachmühleLaubenbachmühle5090 015 at LaubenbachmühleMh6 at MariazellMh6 at MariazellMh6 at Mariazell1099 007 at Mariazell1099 001 at Mariazell1099 001 at Mariazell14036 at Erlaufsee14036 at Erlaufsee14036 at Erlaufsee14036 at Mariazell2095 015 at Mariazell2095 015 and Mh 6 at MariazellX629 901 at Laubenbachmühle2070 053 at St. Pölten HbfLaubenbachmühle

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