JandJ Cottrell's Rail Photos | GKB, Mariazellerbahn and more, 6th to 8th September 2011
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During our visit to the GKB, there were three loco-hauled sets running via the new Koralmbahn route to Wies-Eibiswald of which one was an ex DB 218 loco. The following day we successfully managed to get a 2095 loco (007) to Mariazell but only just as it shut down en route!
2016 905 at Schwanberg2015 006 at Groß St. FlorianGroß St. Florian218 256 at Groß St. Florian218 256 at Wies-Eibiswald218 256 at Wies-Eibiswald218 256 at Graz Hbf218 256 at Schwanberg2016 905 at Schwanberg1044 042 at St. Pölten Hbf2095 007 at St. Pölten AlpenbahnhofSt. Pölten AlpenbahnhofSt. Pölten AlpenbahnhofSt. Pölten Alpenbf93 503-6 at St. Pölten Alpenbahnhof4090 002 at St. Pölten Alpenbahnnnhof2095 007 at Mariazell2095 007 at Mariazell1099 013 at Gösing1099 013 at Gösing

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