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So far (as of July 2018) we have only had three visits to Sweden. Firstly in September 2015 to take part in the events to celebrate 100 years of electric traction based on Gävle, home of the Swedish National Railway museum; a second visit a year later for a PTG tour covering the area between Stockholm and Göteborg and the third also around a PTG tour which reached Gällivare via the Inlandsbanan.
Northern Sweden Part 4, 20th & 21st July 2018Umeå to Sollefteå, 18th & 19th July 2018Northern Sweden, 16th & 17th July 2018Inlandsbanan, 14th to 16th July 2018Swedish Narrow Gauge, 11th & 12th July 2018Around Stockholm, 8th to 13th July 2018Southern Sweden, 11th & 12th September 2016Around Göteborg, 10th September 2016Dal-Västra Värmlands Järnväg, 9th September 2016Munkedal and more, 8th September 2016Jönköping to Göteborg, 7th September 2016Ohsabanan, 6th September 2016Swedish Narrow Gauge, 5th September 2016PTG Tour of Sweden day one, 4th September 2016Sweden, 2nd & 3rd September 2016Exploring Sweden, 14th September 2015100 Years of electric trains in Sweden, 13th September 2015100 Years of electric trains in Sweden, 12th September 2015A Taste of Sweden, 11th September 2015