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26th August 2016 - Class Cleared

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Friday 26th August 2016

We had thoroughly enjoyed our time in Hungary, warts and all, and could easily have stayed on but we had an appointment with a special train in Austria over the weekend so had to move on. Our chosen train to get us there was the 8:55 from Kelenföld, one of the few EC services between the two capital cities rather than a Railjet and, as a bonus if the diagrams followed round, it should be worked by our 10th and final MÁV class 470.

470 010 at Budapest-Nyugati470 010 at Budapest-Nyugati21st January 2016.

As catching the 8:30 from Déli was a comparative lie-in, we decided to go down for breakfast without the cases and return upstairs for them afterwards which nearly proved to be a fatal mistake. The Mercure Buda is popular with coach parties and although there were three staying there overnight we managed to get down, eat breakfast and return upstairs with no problems. Going back down with the cases to check out was another matter though as it appeared that at least one coach load of guests were doing exactly the same thing and they were all on the floors above us. This wouldn't have been so much of a problem but it appeared that the lifts were going up to the highest floors first with the result that they were all crammed by the time they reached us on the 2nd floor. In the end we reached a compromise in that one of us would go down to check out whilst the other waited for a lift with a space though this was only acheived by grabbing one that dropped somebody off then going all the way to the top and back down again.

The next obstacle was to try and get onto the platforms at Déli avoiding the stairs. We thought that it was possible to walk round the front of the station to the entrance at street level on the opposite side but this turned out to be an obstacle course. First of all the pavement disappeared then it turned into a slope which was clearly designed to try and prevent people from taking that route, what a palaver!

We couldn't help reflecting whilst sitting on the 8:30 departure that earlier this year we would have happily gone to Wien via Slovenia on this train just for the class 664 from Hodoš. An SŽ class 363 electric loco would have been quite nice but there was no guarantee of having one of those, a class 342 would be far more likely plus engineering work between Graz and Bruck an der Mur would mean a trip on Bertie the Bus so taking the direct route made much more sense. Anyway, EC140 did turn up with 470.010 on the front so we were very happy with this even if the train did loose a few minutes due to single line working en route, there was no need to rush as we'd decided to catch the 13:09 to Břeclav.

1216 249 at Brno hl.n.1216 249 at Brno hl.n.6th May 2016. On RJ71 6:52 Praha hl.n. to Graz Hbf.

Doing this also gave us time to check into our hotel for the next couple of nights, the Motel One, right opposite Wien Hbf which is similar in standard to an Ibis; fairly basic but clean, comfortable and not too expensive. The 13:09 produced a new CD liveried class 1216 and there was a required class 362 on the Přerov service when we arrived but it was not possible to do that, have lunch in the delicatessen and do the 714 later as well.

Part one of lunch was consumed whilst waiting for the arrival of the class 714 which we went out to check just in case it was the one that we'd had last time. It wasn't so back to the Eiscafe for lunch part two before it's departure time. It was a beautiful sunny day so it was no surprise to see a couple of photographers en route but we were surprised to see them again at Hrušovany nad Jevišovkou when we arrived; they must have been moving pretty fast as the train wasn't hanging around.

714 211 at Hrušovany nad Jevišovkou714 211 at Hrušovany nad Jevišovkou5th May 2016. On Os4515 12:55 Znojmo to Břeclav.

Once back at Břeclav we had a bit of a quandry, the only immediate connections were two EMUs and the next loco-hauled wouldn't get us back in time for the next EC to Wien so we just caught the Railjet instead to see if we could pick up any winners round there. Not a lot as it turned out though we don't have a lot of patience when it comes to zipping up and down picking new locos up for minimal mileage, especially somewhere like Wien Hbf where the IC stuff is "upstairs" and the suburban trains "downstairs".

Station Arr Dep Motive Power Train Details
Budapest-Déli   8:30 431 011 246 8:30 Budapest-Déli to Ljubljana
Kelenföld 8:36 9:02 470 010 EC140 4:51 Nyíregyháza to Wien Hbf
Wien Hbf 11:34 13:09 1216 236 RJ76 10:25 Graz Hbf to Praha hl n 
Břeclav 14:04 15:31 714 226 4518 15:31 Břeclav to Znojmo
Hrušovany nad Jevišovkou 16:24 16:31 854 025 4525 15:55 Znojmo to Břeclav
Břeclav 17:28 18:02 1216 234 RJ79 14:52 Praha hl n to Graz Hbf
Wien Meidling 19:06 19:27 1144 097 R2358 18:38 Wiener Neustadt Hbf to Wien Florisdorf
Wien Hbf (Bst 1-2) 19:32      


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