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19th August 2016 - In search of the unusual

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Friday 19th August 2016

We'd enjoyed our time in Debrecen but it was now time to move on and head to the other side of the country, Győr. We caught a tram to the station, not forgetting to validate the tickets that we'd bought last night, and arrived with half an hour to spare before the train to Budapest via Nyíregyháza and Miskolc. There were two reasons for going round this way rather than the shorter route into Nyugati; firstly we needed the track between Görögszállás and Miskolc and, secondly, the train to Győr started from there so no messing around with the Metro or trams / trolleybus. A third, bonus, reason was that we should drop on to the 13:05 IC service which had been producing one of GySEV's recently hired in "Vectron" locomotives.

After viewing many required V43 locos working the IC trains over the previous days it was a little annoying to get a dud one but there was absolutely no point in changing plans now, plus we'd already paid for the reservation. The train was quite busy, even in 1st class but it was a Friday and tomorrow was Hungary's national day so there were more people travelling than usual.

We arrived on time into one of the bay platforms at Keleti so had to walk all the way down to the end only to find that the IC to Sopron didn't have a platform assigned to it yet. It was eventually announced with only 15 minutes to departure, in one of the bays on the other sde of the station so we had to hike all the way down the other side of the station where the coaches with 193.246 already attached had been pushed in by the one of the station pilots.

193 246 at Budapest-Keleti193 246 at Budapest-Keleti19th August 2016. On IC934 "Scarbantia" 13:05 Budapest-Keleti to Sopron.

We arrived at Győr in the middle of a torrential downpour so sat on the platform until the rain eased off before making a dash to the Ibis hotel around 10 minutes walk away. There was one person already checking in and there appeared to be some sort of issue as both they and the receptionist were making a right meal of things leading us to wonder if we would actually get sorted out and back to the station for the 16:02 departure. We did eventually get checked in and made it to the station for the 16:02 which was hauled by 418.307 as we had guessed when we noticed where it was standing earlier.

We took this to our usual "leaping shack" of Szerecseny to wait for the 15:01 from Szombathely which had been worked a class 628/3 for much of the summer. The station hadn't changed from our previous visit except the level crossing attendant appeared to have a trainee and we were there for less than 15 minutes before "Sergei" 628.303 appeared, only our third one of the Hungarian examples and our first rebuilt one; just like the 418's the rebuilt and re-engined ones are identified by their xxx.3xx number.

628 303 at Szerecseny628 303 at Szerecseny19th August 2016. On 9203 15:01 Szombathely to Győr.

Although it was still fairly early when we arrived back at Győr we decided to go and eat in the Belgian beer restaurant in the Hotel Raba as the only moves available were on IC trains and we were meeting a friend later so it made sense to eat now, drop the bags in the hotel then meet our friend back at the station. We then paid another visit to the Belgian Beer restaurant, just for drinks this time whilst our friend had dinner then back to the Ibis hotel where all three of us were staying.

Station Arr Dep Motive Power Train details
Kossuth  tér   8:17 526 Tram 1
Nagyállómás 8:23   walk  
Debrecen   8:54 431 341 IC650 6:23 Budapest-Nyugati to Budapest-Keleti
v. Miskolc        
Budapest-Keleti 12:32 13:05 193 246 IC934 13:05 Budapest-Keleti to Sopron
Győr 14:32 16:02 418 307 9216 16:02 Győr to Celldömölk
Szerecseny 16:37 16:50 628 303 9203 15:01 Szombathely to Győr
Győr 17:16      


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