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24th August 2016 - In search of More Diesels

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Wednesday 24th August 2016

Our main aim today was to be chasing the "real" (not re-engined) class 418 diesels working out of Nyugati, mostly on the line to Lajosmizse so "VonatDroid" was consulted as soon as we got up only to find that one had gone off to Esztergom on the 7:20 rather than the booked class 418/3. Perhaps we should have got up earlier but we do enough of that for work and this is meant to be a holiday so we compromised by catching a DMU to Piliscsév where we could head it off meaning that we could still have a reasonable run behind it. It proved to be a worthwhile move as having a "real" class 418 on a line with decent track and a couple of hills was certainly good fun.

418 187 at Piliscsév418 187 at Piliscsév24th August 2016. On 2097 9:12 Esztergom to Budapest-Nyugati.

The next job was to chase down the two required locos on the Lajosmizse line, they were following each other round meaning there was little point in catching the 10:18 so we adjourned for refreshments before getting the 11:18 to Gyál felső, a station on the single line before the crossing loop with a small station building and plinthed steam loco, would be rude not to take a photo whilst we were there.

6633 at Gyál felső6633 at Gyál felső24th August 2016. Plinthed 0-6-0T.

There was a level crossing on a main road at an awkward angle just off the end of the platform with the crash barrier on one side lying in a twisted mess next to the railway line; it looked as if someone had come barrelling down the road, misjudged the angle of the level crossing and would have gone straight along the platform if it wasn't for the crash barrier.

The loco on the return journey was as we had expected but back at Nyugati things started to go wrong as, rather than a loco dropping onto the rear of our train for the next departure there was a DMU showing the destination of Lajosmizse in the next platform; no thank you! More to the point there was now no sign of 418.211 and 418.171 looked as if it might have failed as it was being put to one side by the station pilot so it was time for another plan.

A glance across the other side of the station revealed some required electric locos so we switched our attentions to the Szob line, ending up at Kismaros where we had spotted a loco working on the narrow gauge line there earlier though it had departed by the time we arrived. We had a short time to look round so went to look at what we thought was a coach parked outside the shed but closer inspection revealed that it had a driving cab on each end and was in fact a DMU. The driver's seat at both ends looked to be a standard bus driver's seat complete with seat belt and the whole thing looked to be rather home-made though it might well have been based on a (railway) coach chassis.

M06-401 at KismarosM06-401 at Kismaros24th August 2016. 760mm gauge Diesel Railcar.

We ended up at Szob in time for the same EC as yesterday but this time the shunter running round the loco on the train we arrived on appeared to take exception to us taking photos, video in particular. He couldn't speak English and we couldn't speak Hungarian but we stood our ground, if photos were forbidden why had nobody else mentioned it in the past week and a half? In any case, the "Red Cap" hadn't said a thing to us and it was her station. The EC rolled in at this point and the MÁV guard muttered something about photos as he walked across to take over the train but he didn't appear to be overly bothered and maybe only said anything at all as the shunter had been bending his ear.

SzobSzob24th August 2016. Contrasting liveries at Szob; 431 059 on the left wears the standard blue livery with yellow ends whilst 432 343 on the right is in the latest "Fecse" (Swallow) livery to match the coaches.

As we made our way back to Budapest we noticed that the next EC towards Bratislava had not appeared to have left Keleti so we kept an eye out for it and it eventually went past about 50 minutes late with a MÁV class 431 hauling a, presumably failed, ZSSK class 350. On arriving at Keleti we went back to Nyugati to check out the 17:18 to Lajosmizse but that was a two car "Desiro" DMU which looked a little cosy inside. The ever-useful VonatDroid, showed 418.185 standing outside ready to work the next departure in just over an hours time so we nipped across the road to "OK Pizza" for a quick meal before grabbing our fourth class 418 for the day; Kőbánya-Kispest here we come! This station was in an even worse state than on our previous visit with one set of stairs completely cordoned off and the others as uneven as before, in fact the whole station was still a total dump!

We managed to change platforms without breaking anything and got a winning class 432 back to Nyugati and finished the day with a couple of trips between Déli and Kelenföld to keep our class V43 count up.

Station Arr Dep Motive Power Train Details
Déli pályaudvar   7:56 471 Metro M2
Deák Ferenc tér 8:02 8:05 348 Metro M3
Nyugati-pályaudvar 8:07   walk  
Budapest-Nyugati   8:20 426 018 2042 8:20 Budapest-Nyugati to Esztergom
Piliscsév 9:27 9:33 418 187 2097 9:12 Esztergom to Budapest-Nyugati
Budapest-Nyugati 10:10 11:18 418 156 2924 11:18 Budapest-Nyugati to Lajosmizse
Gyál felső 11:54 12:05 418 163 2915 10:42 Lajosmizse to Budapest-Nyugati
Budapest-Nyugati 12:43 13:07 432 277 2144 13:07 Budapest-Nyugati to Szob
Nagymaros 13:54 14:09 432 256 2145 13:56 Szob to Budapest-Nyugati
Kismaros 14:17 14:38 432 343 2224 13:41 Budapest-Nyugati to Szob
Nagymaros 14:45 14:54 431 059 2116 14:07 Budapest-Nyugati to Szob
Szob 15:06 15:25 380 011 EC277 9:52 Praha hl n to Budapest-Keleti
Budapest-Keleti 16:32   walk  
Keleti pályaudvar   16:47 496 Metro M2
Deák Ferenc tér 16:52 16:55 341 Metro M3
Nyugati-pályaudvar 16:58   walk  
Budapest-Nyugati   18:19 418 185 2918 18:18 Budapest-Nyugati to Lajosmizse
Kőbánya-Kispest 18:33 18:44 432 376 2743 17:43 Cegléd to Budapest-Nyugati
Budapest-Nyugati 19:02   walk  
Nyugati-pályaudvar   19:18 227 Metro M3
Deák Ferenc tér 19:20 19:25 501 Metro M2
Déli pályaudvar 19:32   walk  
Budapest-Déli   19:57 431 282 4118 19:55 Budapest-Déli to Pusztaszabolcs
Kelenföld 20:03 20:12 415 061 4621 19:48 Martonvásár to Budapest-Déli
Budapest-Déli 20:20 20:31 431 108 9008 20:30 Budapest-Déli to Celldömölk
Kelenföld 20:37 20:43 415 099 4521 19:48 Székesfehérvár to Budapest-Déli
Budapest-Déli 20:49      


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