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23rd August 2016 - Heading Back East

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Tuesday 23rd August 2016

After three full days in the Győr area it felt like we had exhausted the area apart from missing out the line between Papa and Csorna; chasing interesting locos had proved a distraction on this occasion. Although we were moving on we would be staying in Hungary and returning to Budapest for a few days before gradually heading north and made two alternative plans depending on whether the class 430 we had seen yesterday appeared this morning or not.

430 327 at Győr430 327 at Győr22nd August 2016. On 9942 8:51 Győr to Sopron.

VonatDroid was checked before we left the hotel and 430.328 had followed its diagram round from yesterday so we would catch that to Csorna then an IC from there to Budapest, getting off at Kelenföld to drop our cases off in the hotel. Once we had established the loco on the Sopron train we allowed enough time to get a ticket for the IC from Csorna at Győr, it was easy enough to change the departure station by tapping a few buttons. Good weather had returned this morning, the DMU for Rajka was on time this morning, the two car DMU didn't have a loco attached to it this morning and the same ČD (Czech Railways) class 363 was knocking around again; we guessed that it was road learning.

363 527 at Csorna363 527 at Csorna23rd August 2016.

Two freight trains also passed whilst we were there, one with a GySEV class 430 on heading east which would have provided a nice shot off the end of the platform if we'd seen it early enough to get down there in time. As this passed, a freight train appeared heading in the opposite direction hove into view so we set up for a shot only for it lurch left towards the yard and pass behind some wagons before going straight out the other side, crossing back to the mainline at low speed. We couldn't fathom this move out unless those in charge of train movements didn't like the idea of it blasting through the platform road at speed even though there were only a handful of passengers there.

430 327 at Csorna430 327 at Csorna23rd August 2016.

The IC to Budapest was hauled by 470.505 again and this deposited us at Kelenföld where we got off and caught the first train to Budapest Déli to dump our bags in the hotel. This was the Mercure Budapest Buda, very handy almost next door to the station which we got at a very good rate, around £50 per night including breakfast. The hotel were very accommodating, giving us a room overlooking the railway at our request; the castle view from the opposite side was all very nice but overlooked a busy road with trams, making it rather noisy.

Domestics sorted, it was back to the station to purchase a 72 hour Budapest travel pass each then across the city to Keleti station where there was a chance that our last MÁV class 470 would be on the 13:45 to Nagykanizsa according to the diagrams. It was no real surprise to us that it wasn't so we cast our eyes round for something else and spotted a ČD class 380 on the EC to Praha, we had a first class Interrail for today so might as well make use of it and the ECs didn't require a reservation.

380 005 at Brno hl.n.380 005 at Brno hl.n.4th May 2016. On EC173 "Hungaria" 6:36 Hamburg-Altona to Budapest Keleti.

This train was an absolute stagger to start off with as it made its way round the city to access the line to Szob, all the local trains on this line depart from Nyugati station. We got off at Vac and found that the station had been completely rebuilt since our last visit with very long platforms, totally over-the-top in our opinion; we can understand building for expansion but these were far more than 12 coaches long and not even the ECs were that long. The station used to be a good place to take photos but not any longer so we took the opportunity to carry on to Szob when a new class 431 appeared as we could catch the next EC to Budapest from there.

431 072 at Szob431 072 at Szob23rd August 2016. On 2116 14:07 Budapest-Nyugati to Szob.

We finished the day with a little dabble on various local trains out of Keleti before heading off to one of our favourite Budapest restaurants, the Rosenstein, only to find that it was shut for holidays until tomorrow; oh bother! The Rákóczi Grill was a relatively short walk down the road so we went there instead, stopping off to top up our water supply at Aldi's, all of around 10p for a litre and a half.

Station Arr Dep Motive Power Train Details
Győr   8:51 430 328 9942 8:51 Győr to Sopron
Csorna 9:20 9:59 470 505 IC317 (6:50 Gleisdorf) to Budapest-Keleti
Kelenföld 11:35 11:48 415 074 4515 10:48 Székesfehérvár to Budapest-Déli
Budapest-Déli 11:53   walk  
Déli pályaudvar   12:58 438 Metro M2
Keleti pályaudvar 13:09   walk  
Budapest-Keleti   13:25 380 018 EC274 13:25 Budapest-Keleti to Praha hl n
Vác 14:09 14:35 431 072 2116 14:07 Budapest-Nyugati to Szob
Szob 15:05 15:27 380 003 EC277 9:52 Praha hl n to Budapest-Keleti
Budapest-Keleti 16:34 16:47 432 199 3356 16:45 Budapest-Keleti to Szolnok
Rákos 16:56 17:17 432 238 3226 17:05 Budapest-Keleti to Gödöllő
Rákoscsaba-Újtelep 17:24 17:33 432 252 3223 17:13 Gödöllő to Budapest-Keleti
Budapest-Keleti 17:56   walk  
Keleti pályaudvar   20:15 463 Metro M2
Déli pályaudvar 20:26      


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