JandJ Cottrell's Rail Photos | 6th March 2016 - Fishing for Goldfish Bowls

6th March 2016 - Fishing for Goldfish Bowls

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Sunday 6th March 2016

A late finish last night wasn’t the best preparation for catching the 7:09 this morning but choosing the scenic route via Břeclav and Kúty meant it was either that or the train two hours later. The plan had been to have breakfast in the Eiscafé at Břeclav but it was closed at this early hour so we had a cup of tea in the station buffet instead and photographed some of the long line of locos stored opposite the platforms before having breakfast on the EC en route to Bratislava.

751 149 at Břeclav751 149 at Břeclav6th March 2016. The bogies are marked up as "751 338"

Our friend had kindly got some tickets for a ride to Trnava on the 11:35 Regiojet service to Kosiče which was booked to be hauled by one of the new Siemens “Vectron” locos so we started off with a short trip to Bratislava-Vinohrady some 2 ½ miles away, to kill some time and get a couple of locos in the book, hopefully some class 240 "goldfish bowl" electric locos, so called due to their distinctive cab windows. It wasn’t a bad place for pictures but, being a junction station, there was no single place to stand to capture everything that passed – not that there was much as it was a Sunday.

386 007 at Bratislava-Vinohrady386 007 at Bratislava-Vinohrady6th March 2016.

There was enough time to get some more pictures back at the main station before the coaches for the Regiojet service turned up, the whole set was in their corporate yellow livery including the loco. All seats in the Regiojet trains are reserved and this train was full so it was obviously a popular service and despite our tickets costing the princely sum of just over a Euro we each got a free bottle of water.

193 206 at Bratislava hl. st.193 206 at Bratislava hl. st.6th March 2016. On RJ405 11:35 Bratislava hl.st. to Kosiče.

The return journey from Trnava was an EMU, one of the few that had been seen out working today but another couple of trips to Vinohrady bumped up the loco haulage total (but not the photograph count) before it was time to return to Trnava for another Railjet “Vectron”.

By now it was nearly half past four, a little too late in the day to head further afield and more trips to Vinohrady didn’t appeal so a class 2016 diesel-hauled train was taken on the direct route back to Wien, arriving in time to get an IC train to St Pölten to catch up with 1116.173 the second, the first loco to carry that number was written off in an accident during 2010.

2016 032 at Bratislava hl. st.2016 032 at Bratislava hl. st.6th March 2016. On REX 2517 11:38 Bratislava hl. st. to Wien Hbf.

One last move for the night was a quick trip to Vienna Airport for a “nightcap” on board the only working that takes a Czech Railjet set to that location. Unlike the Austrian sets, the ČD ones have draught beer in the restaurant car so a glass of Budweiser (the Czech version) was partaken whilst the crew dived out to pose for pictures under the Vienna Airport sign.

Station Arr Dep Motive Power Train Details
Wien Hbf   7:09 1216 230 RJ70 7:09 Wien Hbf to Praha hl.n.
Břeclav 8:08 8:59 350 013 EC273 5:49 Praha hl.n. to Budapest-Keleti
Bratislava hl.st. 9:57 10:03 363 144 R835 10:01 Bratislava hl.st. to Banská Bystrica
Bratislava-Vinohrady 10:08 10:47 240 127 Os4616 9:22 Nové Zámky to Bratislava hl.st.
Bratislava hl.st. 10:52 11:35 193 206 RJ405 11:35 Bratislava hl.st. to Kosiče
Trnava 11:59 12:24 671 019 3016 11:56 Leopoldov to Bratislava hl.st.
Bratislava hl.st. 13:05 13:07 240 145 Os4617 13:07 Bratislava hl. St. to Nové Zámky
Bratislava-Vinohrady 13:12 13:53 240 123 R836 10:35 Banská Bystrica to Bratislava hl.st.
Bratislava hl.st. 13:58 14:03 362 003 R839 14:01 Bratislava hl.st. to Banská Bystrica
Bratislava-Vinohrady 14:08 14:44 362 006 REX725 14:39 Bratislava hl.st. to Prievidza
Trnava 15:14 16:00 193 214 RJ404 11:17 Kosiče to Bratislava hl.st.
Bratislava hl.st. 16:25 16:38 2016 019 REX2527 16:38 Bratislava hl.st. to Wien Hbf
Wien Hbf 17:43 17:55 1116 175 IC744 17:33 Flughafen Wien to Salzburg Hbf
St Pölten Hbf 18:29 19:15 1116 173 IC721 15:40 Stainach-Irdning to Wien Hbf
Wien-Meidling 19:39 20:01 1116 195 IC745 17:12 Salzburg Hbf to Flughafen Wien
Wien Hbf 20:05 21:11 1116 231 RJ756 18:25 Graz Hbf to Flughafen Wien
Flughafen Wien 21:27 21:33 1116 231 RJ959 21:33 Flughafen Wien to Wien Hbf
Wien Hbf 21:50      


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