9th September 2015 - ME, ME, ME (and an EA)

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Wednesday 9th September 2015

This was the first of two days in Denmark which would be spent trying to track down our eight outstanding class ME diesel locos but, since our previous visit, two diagrams had also appeared for class EA electric locos which had lost their previous work on the overnight train from Copenhagen. As the 8:07 from Østerport was booked for an EA, it was as good a time as any to start so it was straight across the road to the station only to double back and walk the length of the bay platform where EA3004 was sitting more-or-less opposite our bedroom window.

EA3004 at ØsterportEA3004 at Østerport9th September 2015. EA3004 "Ole Rømer" on RE4317 8:07 Østerport to Ringsted.

We took this to Valby where the other electric turn (which was peak hours only) should have been heading into the city but the train that stopped around the time it should have was hauled by a diesel. This was ME1527 which was required so we gratefully hopped on board only to find that it terminated at København H instead of Østerport so it wasn’t the train we first thought. The set was then turned round straight away to form the 8:56 to Kalundborg which should have come through from Østerport so perhaps it was something running late. Whilst we were stewing our brains over which diagram this was, ME1511 arrived on another set; maybe that was the other EA turn? As the latter loco was not required we decided to stick with ME1527 and go to the end of the line, looking out for what other locos were out on the way.

ME1527 at KalundborgME1527 at Kalundborg9th September 2015. On RE1528 10:58 Kalundborg to Østerport.

There was a choice of half an hour or an hour and a half to spend in Kalundborg but although we would have liked to have the longer time to have a look round we could not see the 11:58 departure in the diagrams and our guess that it must be a unit was proved correct when we crossed it on the way back towards Copenhagen. The 11:46 from Holbæk and the 12:58 from Kalundborg were also not mentioned in the diagrams so we decided to get off at Roskilde to monitor all the hauled trains and maybe get some photos as well.

185 324 at Roskilde185 324 at Roskilde9th September 2015.

After we had been at Roskilde for about 30 minutes, ME1536 rolled in on a train from Nykøbing so we rushed across to the opposite platform, two down six to go. Back at Copenhagen, we saw ME1506 and worked out that it would be off to Holbæk next so off to the 7/11 shop to grab lunch then Østerport where 1506 duly re-appeared as booked. We took this to Holbæk, intending to return to Høje Taastrup and sit out the evening peak there but the sight of ME1533 heading towards Kalundborg had us scrabbling for the diagrams again. At first, we thought that the train was not on there but a closer look revealed that although the train number was correct, the times were an hour out so a quick amendment was made so we didn’t miss it tomorrow. Unfortunately the turn finished on arrival at Kalundborg so we would have to wait until the morning and hope that the trains were sent out in the diagrammed order.

We got off at Høje Taastrup as planned and spent the rest of the rush hour there with no new locos to be seen though we did get a fair few photos to make up for that. We ended the day as we started, behind EA3004 and went for dinner at “La Galette” where the whole menu consists of pancakes, a cheap dinner by Danish standards but expensive pancakes! Rather than go straight back to the hotel we had a quick trip down to Hellerup to see what was on the shed but there was nothing of note so it was back to base where we turned on the TV and found out that Denmark had closed its borders to international trains. Good job we arrived yesterday and it would also explain the announcement we heard earlier at Høje Taastrup that there was no connection to Puttgarden / Germany off the EC that was due whilst we were there.

ME1521 at Høje TaastrupME1521 at Høje Taastrup9th September 2015. On RE2553 16:27 Østerport to Holbæk.

Station Arr Dep Motive Power Train Details
Østerport   8:07 EA3004 RE4317 8:07 Østerport to Ringsted
Valby 8:22 8:39 ME1527 ??
København H 8:49 8:56 ME1527 RE1521 (8:44 Østerport) to Kalundborg
Kalundborg 10:22 10:58 ME1527 RE1528 10:58 Kalundborg to Østerport
Roskilde 12:01 12:35 ME1536 RE2226 11:10 Nykøbing F to København H
København H 12:57 13:32 4583 ØR2057 13:32 København H to Helsingør
Østerport 13:38 13:55 ME1506 RE4537 13:55 Østerport to Holbæk
Holbæk 15:03 15:16 ME1506 RE4536 15:16 Holbæk to Østerport
Høje Taastrup 15:59 17:55 EA3004 RE4348 17:20 Ringstead to Østerport
København H 18:10 18:13 9184 S"A" 17:38 Solrød Strand to Hillerød
Vesterport 18:14 19:57 8189 S"E" Køge to Holte
Hellerup 20:08 20:18 9139 S"A" Hillerød to Hundige
Østerport 20:28      


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