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24th November 2015 - A quick trip home

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Tuesday 24th November 2015

No rush this morning as we had advance tickets for the 9:18 ICE though we did make sure that we were on the station in plenty of time. There was a freight hauled by one of the strangely shaped Voith “Gravita” locomotives in the through road opposite our platform but it pulled away as we made our way down the platform to get a photo though we did get a consolation photo of a Siemens class 642 “Trainguard” DMU that turned up a short while later; we think it was doing driver training for the ECTS system on the new high speed line to Leipzig.

642 300 at Erfurt Hbf642 300 at Erfurt Hbf24th November 2015. Siemens Desiro DMU fitted with Trainguard control system for ETCS.

We had an uneventful run to Frankfurt Airport, the only thing of real note being the routeing via Mainkur rather than the more important route via Offenbach and we arrived on time some 3 ¼ hours before the flight. It did mean a little more hanging around than necessary but, sadly, we can’t trust DB these days. The flight was with Lufthansa, in a rather empty A321 Airbus and we arrived a little earlier than booked in Heathrow Terminal 2. The hold luggage appeared almost as soon as we found the carousel and a good run home saw us walking through the door only 2 ½ hours after the plane arrived on the stand at Heathrow, probably a record for us.

It had been a good long weekend away with four new 182s and pair of 115s being the highlight for us. We had wondered what we were letting ourselves in for with plenty of reports of DB’s time-keeping (or lack of) and recent issues with refugees and migrants but we didn’t see very many of the latter and consider ourselves lucky to have only suffered two hefty delays which didn’t affect us too much in the overall scheme of things. However, it has to be noted that DB has certainly gone downhill recently and are a far cry from our first visit in 1997 when we considered a six minute delay scandalous!

Station Arr Dep Motive Power Train / Plane Details
Erfurt Hbf   9:23 411 027 ICE1642 6:19 Dresden Hbf to Frankfurt (M) Flughafen Fernbf
v. Mainkur, Frankfurt (M) Ost        
Frankfurt (M) Flughafen Fernbf 11:48   walk  
FRA   14:57 D-AIRT LH910 15:00 FRA  to LHR
LHR 15:32   walk  
Heathrow T1,2,3   16:00    


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