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Day one of a seven day PTG Tour "The Rail Wonders of Croatia and Bosnia" which covered the lines not done on the previous tour in September / October 2012 and then went on to do most of Bosnia in addition.
This first day was solely in Croatia and finished off a couple of bits of the various avoiding lines south of Zagreb that were not done on the last trip then went on to travel over the branches to Daruvar and Velika, ending the day in Osijek.
The loco for most of the day was 2062 018 with a bonus shunt provided by 2132 320 at Zagreb Ranžirni Kolodvor due to engineering works preventing the train loco from running round and 2041 104 between Banova Jaruga and Daruvar due to weight restrictions on that line.
2132 055 at Zagreb Žitnjak2132 055 at Zagreb Žitnjak1141 202 at Zagreb Ranžirni Kolodvor2062 018 at Zagreb Ranžirni Kolodvor2062 018 at Zagreb Ranžirni Kolodvor2132 320 at Zagreb Ranžirni Kolodvor2132 320 at Zagreb Ranžirni Kolodvor2062 018 at Velika Gorica2062 018 at Velika GoricaZagreb Ranžirni Kolodvor2041 002 at Zagreb Ranžirni Kolodvor2132 318 at Zagreb Ranžirni KolodvorZagreb Ranžirni Kolodvor2062 010 at Zagreb R K2062 018 at Ivanić Grad1141 207 at Ivanić Grad2062 018 at Kutina2062 018 at KutinaKutina1141 202 at Kutina

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