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Other pictures taken during September 2005, excluding the Crewe Works open day which has its own gallery. Other UK locations visited by us in what was a busy month include the Isle of Wight, Great Central Railway (twice), last day of class 86 haulage between London and Norwich and the Severn Valley Railway.
56007 at Wembley Yard92018 at Wembley Yard92018 at Wembley Yard56074 at Wembley Yard56074 at Wembley Yard004 at Shanklin004 at ShanklinHaven StreetHaven StreetHaven Street009 at Smallbrook JunctionRyde St. Johns RoadRyde St. John's RoadRyde St. Johns RoadRyde St. Johns Road009 at Ryde St. Johns RoadD1705 at Leicester NorthD1705 at Leicester NorthD123 at Leicester NorthRothley

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