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Some photos taken over two days spent on one of our favourite lines, the Marschbahn, which runs between Elmshorn and Westerland (Sylt). Most of the photos here were taken at Niebüll though other locations, including Hamburg, feature.
628 501 at Bredstedt628 501 at BredstedtDE2700-10 at Westerland (Sylt)DE2700-03 at NiebüllDE2700-03 at Niebüll245 210 at Heide (Holst)DE2700-10 at Heide (Holst)218 321 at Heide (Holst)472 018 at HamburgNiebüll218 322 at Morsum (Sylt)DE2700-03 at Morsum (Sylt)245 026 at Morsum (Sylt)628 503 at Morsum (Sylt)628 535 at Morsum (Sylt)245 025 at Morsum (Sylt)245 210 at Morsum (Sylt)245 206 at Morsum (Sylt)628 505 at Westerland (Sylt)218 363 at Klanxbüll

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