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16th to 20th May 2005. First part of a two week trip to Germany; we flew out to Lübeck and spent the first part of the trip based there so there are plently of photos of the Marschbahn between Elmshorn and Westerland (Sylt) - one of our favourite lines.
Other locations include Osnabrück, Cuxhaven, 24 009 on a special to Mettingen and the NEG between Niebüll and Dagebüll-Mole.
218 197 at Lübeck Hbf218 330 at Lübeck Hbf232 088 at Osnabrück Hbf232 088 at Osnabrück Hbf110 415 at Osnabrück Hbf24 009 at Mettingen24 009 at Mettingen110 417 at Osnabrück Hbf218 180 at Lübeck Hbf362 799 at Cuxhaven362 799 at Cuxhaven218 266 at Lübeck Hbf218 331 at Westerland (Sylt)218 176 at NiebüllClass 311 at Niebüll215 908 at Niebüll215 902 and 215 911 at Niebüll215 902at Niebüll218 365 at Westerland (Sylt)

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