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Third and final day of PTG's enthusiast tours in Hungary was a trip with Sulzer engined 609 003 to Szolnok where 439 029 was provided to assist / top and tail round various lines in the area. A brief visit to the MÁV works was included and although the buildings were not open there was plenty to see outside.
Budapest-Keleti628 120 at SzolnokSzolnok shed478 233 at Szolnok478 225 at Szolnok609 003 at Szolnok0480 007 at Szolnok0480 007 at SzolnokSzolnok-Rendező40-0917 at Szolnok-Rendező40-0917 at Szolnok-RendezőBroken coupling at Szolnok-Rendező478 223 at Szolnok-RendezőSzolnok-RendezőSzolnok-Rendező1116 075 at Szolnok-Rendező40-0917 at Szolnok-Rendező609 003 at Szolnok-DéliSzolnok-Déli439 029 at Szolnok-Déli

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