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Two days based around Nürnberg including a small open day in the carriage sidings, a steam hauled Nürnberg circular trip with the Fränkische Museums Eisenbahn and a visit to the Dampfbahn Fränkische Schweiz at Ebermannstadt for a gala day. Not forgetting a bonus sighting of the Historische Eisenbahn Frankfurt's Kriegslok to set the tone for the next couple of days.
52 4867 at Frankfurt (Main) Hbf52 4867 at Frankfurt (Main) Hbf110 002 at NürnbergE44 001 at NürnbergE44 119 at Nürnberg333 658 at Nürnberg203 111 at NürnbergV60 11011 at FeuchtV60 11011 at Feucht52 8195 at Fürth HbfV60 11011 at Fürth HbfNürnberg52 8195 at Feucht52 8195 at Feucht80 9701 214-6 at Nürnberg Rbf335 164 at Nürnberg RbfNürnberg RbfNürnbergNürnberg362 741 at Nürnberg Rbf

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