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Comprising 140km of track, the Harzer Schmalspurbahnen is one of the largest narrow gauge railway networks in Europe and sees steam hauled trains all year round. Some facts and figures about the line can be found here and there is plenty of other information including timetables and details of their locomotives on their website.
99 7236 at Nordhausen Nord99 7236 at Nordhausen Nord187 016Eisfelder Talmühle99 7240 at Drei Annen Hohne99 7240 at Drei Annen Hohne99 7241 at BrockenWernigerode Westerntor199 874 at Wernigerode99 222 at Drei Annen Hohne199 872 at Wernigerode99 7243 at Wernigerode199 872 at Wernigerode99 7235 at Wernigerode99 5906 at Alexisbad99 5906 at Hasselfelde99 5901's old boiler99 5906 at Alexisbad99 5906 at Alexisbad99 5906 at Alexisbad

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