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Day two of PTG Tours trip across South West Sweden included a ride on rail bikes between Hultsfred and Målilla Sanatorium followed by a trip on the Föreningen Smalspåret Växjö-Västervik between Virserum and Åseda. The day was rounded off behind a re-engined Nohab loco on the standard gauge Bockabanan between Hultsfred and Nässjö
HesjönHesjönHesjönMålilla Sanatorium873 at Virserum403 at Virserum873 at VirserumVirserumVirserum873 at Hjortöström873 at Hjortöström873 at Hjortöström873 at Aggatorp400 at HultanäsÅseda873 at Åseda844 at Åseda844 at Åseda873 at ÅsedaÅseda

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