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A trip with SBB Historic's steam railmotor CZm 1/2 no. 31 to Linthal, run jointly with the Railway Touring Company and IGE. Due to the slow speed of this machine (45kph / 28mph) there were plenty of stops and the opportunity to take photos en route.
31 at Zürich HB450 113 at Zürich HB526 043 at Pfäffikon SZPfäffikon SZ456 096 at Pfäffikon SZ456 091 at Pfäffikon SZ1116 223 at Siebnen-Wangen460 087 at Siebnen-Wangen450 102 at Siebnen-Wangen450 041 at Siebnen-Wangen566 073 at Siebnen-Wangen511 038 at Siebnen-Wangen1116 211 at Siebnen-Wangen460 055 at Siebnen-Wangen31 at Glarus31 at Glarus31 at Glarus450 114 at Glarus31 at Glarus31 at Glarus

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