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A quick visit to Belgium for the two day tour run by Mercia Charters "The Past Life" featuring some freight lines and haulage by heritage diesels, also including a visit to the Chemin de fer du Bocq on the Sunday.
201 010 at Brussels Midi2748 at Mechelen6282 at Brussels Nord6282 at Brussels Nord6282 at Brussels Nord202 0206077 at Quenast6077 at Quenast202 020 at QuenastQuenastQuenast87 7813 862-2 at Monceau6328 at Mons1608 and 1504 at Saint Ghislain1608 at Saint Ghislain2551 and 1805 at Saint Ghislain6106 at Saint Ghislain5001 at Saint Ghislain2629 and 2201 at Saint Ghislain1603 at Saint Ghislain

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