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Days two of this trip was spent having a general "ned" around looking for new locos for haulage and generally following our whims, day three took us east to the CJ (Chemins de fer du Jura) and just over the border into France at Delle.
450 060 at Winterthur446 017 at St. Gallen11198 at St. Gallen11201 at St. Gallen32 at St. Gallen11214 at St. Gallen173 at St. Gallen566 073 at St. Gallen111 at St. GallenSt. Gallen16388 at St. GallenSt. Gallen33 at St. Gallen500 at MoutierTramelan612 at Le Noirmont612 at Le NoirmontNo smoking label632 at Glovelier

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