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A special charter run by the Railway Touring Company using steam loco Mh6, unusually running the full length of the line from St Pölten Hbf - Mh6 normally only works from Ober-Grafendorf, where it is based, to Mariazell on its regular trips. An added "bonus" was some heavy snowfall on the upper reaches of the line which provided some added interest as all our previous visits were in more clement weather.
St. Pölten AlpenbfVT15 at St. Pölten AlpenbfMh.6 at LoichET8 at LoichLoichMh.6 at LaubenbachmühleMh.6 at LaubenbachmühleET4 at LaubenbachmühleMh.6 at Wienerbruck-JosefsbergMh.6 at Wienerbruck-JosefsbergET6 at Wienerbruck-JosefsbergMh.6 at Wienerbruck-JosefsbergMh.6 at Wienerbruck-JosefsbergMh.6 at MariazellMh.6 at MariazellMh.6 at MariazellMh.6Mh.6 at LaubenbachmühleMh.6 at LaubenbachmühleET8 at Loich

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Markus Gregory(non-registered)
Seems like the Trip to Austria in Winter was worth it ;-) Greetings from Austria
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