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The fourth day of the "Rail Wonders of Lithuania" took in various branches in the North West of the country using ER20, M62 and rebuilt ChME3 locos.
TEM2 2729 at RadviliškisTEM2 2729 at RadviliškisTEM2-1428 at RadviliškisER20-025 at PakruojisER20-025 at PakruojisER20-025 at Pakruojis2338 at RadviliškisM62K 1229 at RadviliškisADM-191 at RadviliškisER20-025 at RadviliškisChME3T-7189  at RadviliškisChME3T-7189  at RadviliškisTEM TMH 015 at RadviliškisM62 1078 at RadviliškisTEM2-2729 at RadviliškisM62 1078 at RadviliškisER20 021 at RadviliškisTEM TMH 015 at RadviliškisChME3T 7189 at RadviliškisChME3 6848 at Radviliškis

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