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A trip to Belgium for two Mercia Charters tours, "The Mortal Coil" and "The Awakening"which visited Oostende and Schaerbeek depots amongst other locations. Also included are some pictures taken on our meanderings during the couple of days after the tour
5941 at Schaerbeek6250 at Schaerbeek depot5941 at Schaerbeek202 020 at Schaerbeek5533 at Schaerbeek7743 at Schaerbeek8201 at Schaerbeek8201 at Schaerbeek"Chariotrac" at SchaerbeekES208 at SchaerbeekCCB215 at Schaerbeek6306 at SchaerbeekSchaerbeek6077 at Schaerbeek4402 at Schaerbeek8219 at Schaerbeek2551 at Schaerbeek6041 at Schaerbeek8241 at Schaerbeek"NIAGRA" at Schaerbeek

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