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Most of the photos in this gallery were taken at Zürich, Basel and Erstfeld whilst seeking out the batch of SBB Cargo locomotives that have recently been fitted with the necessary equipment to work passenger trains.
11109 at Zürich HB511 016 at Zürich HB421 371 at St GallenEe 922 025 at St GallenEe 922 025 at St Gallen11164 at Erstfeld11291 at ErstfeldXrotm 9985 9491 095-7 at Erstfeld843 014 at Erstfeld843 014 at Erstfeld11120 at Basel SBB11247 at Basel SBB11198 at Zürich HB460 029 at Zürich HB420 229 at Zürich HB11198 at Zürich HB11115 at Zürich HB450 071 at Zürich HB460 032 at Basel SBB11255 at Basel SBB

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