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Day three of our perambulations round the Humberside area in the quest to record more threatened signal boxes and level crossings. We had intended to pay more attention to freight diversions on the Gainsborough - Brigg - Barnetby line but the weather was not really conducive to photographing trains plus there was quite a large gap with no traffic in the late morning. There are two bonus pictures of 6K51 at Watford Junction at the end of this collection as one of us just happened to be there when it passed through.
66142 at Kirton Lime Sidings66595 at Kirton Lime SidingsKirton Lime Sidings66702 at Kirton Lime SidingsBriggBriggBriggBriggBrigg66561 at Brigg66561 at Brigg66148 at New Barnetby153 376 at New Barnetby185 136 at New Barnetby66116 at New BarnetbyNew BarnetbyNew BarnetbyNew Barnetby66065 at NorthorpeNorthorpe

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