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The last day of PTGs "Rail Wonders of Latvia" tour during which we completed the "main lines" in the east of the country and had a trip through Lithuania back to Rīga.
Daugavpils046 at DaugavpilsDaugavpilsDaugavpils2TE3M 3422 at Daugavpils2M62U 0094 at Daugavpils2TE3M 3422 at Daugavpils19556331 at Daugavpils2M62 1188 at Daugavpils2M62 1188 at Daugavpils056 at Daugavpils080 at Daugavpils080 at DaugavpilsDaugavpils2TE3M 3422 at Daugavpils2TE3M 3422 at Indra2TE3M 3422 at IndraTEP70 0335 and 2TE3M 3422 at DaugavpilsTEP70 0335 and 2TE3M 3422 at DaugavpilsDR1A-2906R at Daugavpils

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