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Day two of PTG Tours "Rail Wonders of Latvia" started off with a trip to Skulte on the Rīga suburban network followed by a journey to Ventspils on the Baltic coast. This wasn't a very long day so there was time to cover the Ventspils Narrow gauge Railway in the evening.

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TEP70 0234 at RīgaM62 1198 at RīgaER2T-220601 at RīgaM62 1198 at RīgaM62 1198 at SkulteSkulteM62 1198 at LilasteM62 1198 at Tukums IM62 1198 and ER2-1300-03R at Tukums IM62 1198 and ER2-1300-03R at Tukums IUsmaM62 1198 at Usma2M62 0293 at UsmaM62 1198 at UsmaVentspilsVentspilsChME3 3666 at VentspilsChME3 4332 at VentspilsM1-631 at PludmaleM1-631 at Ventspils

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