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Today's trip was basically a straight out and back trip from Sarajevo to Ploče in Croatia with a quick visit to the main ŽFBH depot at Rajlovac on the outskirts of Sarajevo for which ex DB 212 215 was provided.
212 215 at Sarajevo212 215 at Sarajevo71-022 at Sarajevo212 21571-022 at Sarajevo212 215 at Sarajevo733-033 at Rajlovac732-160 at Rajlovac441-102 at RajlovacRajlovac441 308 at Rajlovac441-911 at Rajlovac661-272 at Rajlovac661-275 at Rajlovac661-312 at Rajlovac642-030 at Rajlovac7D5 at Rajlovac661-312 at RajlovacRajlovac

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