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The penultimate day of "The Rail Wonders of Croatia & Bosnia" saw us leave Sarajevo and make our way back north to Banja Luka ready for the return to Croatia the following day. En route we had a slightly longer visit to Rajlovac depot and works which enabled us to photograph the many withdrawn locos on site and the few in the works section. We were also supposed to cover the Vareš line but only got as far as Dabravina as some of the track beyond there had been stolen.
661-323 at Sarajevo661-323 at SarajevoSarajevoSarajevoSarajevo642-026 at Rajlovac661 at Rajlovac661-311 at Rajlovac661-202 at RajlovacEDK 750 at Rajlovac661-327 at Rajlovac661-312 at Rajlovac661-202 at Rajlovac733-033 at Rajlovac661-309 at Rajlovac661-320 at Rajlovac732-187 at Rajlovac661-313 at Rajlovac212 011 at Rajlovac212 026 at Rajlovac

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