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Day one of PTG's six day "Rail Wonders of Latvia" tour. This was a straightforward trip to Gulbene and back with TEP70 0204 for a ride on the Gulbene to Alūksne narrow gauge line, a report of the day's proceedings can be found here.
ER2T-7117-03R at RīgaDR1A 2463 at RīgaTEP70 0204 at RīgaTEP70 0204 at GulbeneL4578 at GulbeneGulbeneTU2 273 at GulbeneTU2 273 at GulbeneTU2 273 at StāmerieneTU2 273 at PapardePapardeTU2 273 at AlūksneTU2 273 at AlūksneTU2 273 at AlūksneAlūksneAlūksneAlūksneAlūksneUmerniekuTU2 273 at Paparde

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