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One final day on the Harz system riding on service trains plus a couple of pictures from Berlin-Schönefeld Flughafen.
Wernigerode199 861 at WernigerodeWernigerode99 5901 at Wernigerode99 5901 at WernigerodeVT801 at Wernigerode99 5901 at Wernigerode99 5901 at Wernigerode99 7247 at Drei Annen Hohne99 5901 at Drei Annen Hohne99 7239 at Drei Annen HohneBrocken99 7241 at Goetheweg99 7232 at Eisfelder Talmühle99 7232 at Eisfelder Talmühle187 018 at Eisfelder Talmühle99 7238 at Drei Annen Hohne187 012 at Wernigerode99 7245 at Wernigerode612 011 at Wernigerode

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