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The second day of PTG's Annual Enthusiast Tours went from Lisbon to Entroncamento again, this time with a class 1901 diesel, before visiting the power station at Central Pego and the paper mill at Ródão with 1411 and 1567.
1908 at Lisboa-Oriente1908 at Entroncamento1908 at Entroncamento2570 at Entroncamento1411 at Entroncamento2625 at Entroncamento1567 at Entroncamento94 933 0 090-0 at Entroncamento5602 at Entroncamento1411 at Entroncamento1183 at Entroncamento1411 at Mouriscas A.1411 at Central Pego1411 at Central Pego1567 at Central Pego1567 at Central PegoCentral Pego1411 at Mouriscas A.Mouriscas1411 at Mouriscas A

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