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Day 4 of PTG's "Rail Wonders of Latvia" tour took us almost all the way across the country from Liepāja on the Baltic coast to Daugavpils in the south of the country.
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246 at Liepāja246 at Liepāja241 at LiepājaChME3 4852 at Liepāja2M62U 0285 at Liepāja2M62U 0285 at Liepāja2M62U 0285 at LiepājaChME3 6208 at Liepāja95421806 at LiepājaChME3 6208 at LiepājaLiepājaLiepājaChME3 6208 at LiepājaChME3 620895699310 at Liepāja60716545 at LiepājaM62 1198 at SaldusM62 1198 at SaldusTGM3 2384 at BrocēniTGM3 2384 at Brocēni

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