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UK photos taken in March 2014 including a couple of visits to the West London line for the class 73s on 6M93, class 47s deputising for a DMU in East Anglia, a "Peak" on Peak Rail, a handful of pics at Clapham Junction and some photos taken on Pathfinder's "The Gateway Freighter" tour.
66850 at Kensington Olympia66714 at KensingtonHQAK at Kensington Olympia377 205 at Kensington Olympia73109 at Kensington Olympia66198 at Kensington Olympia378 228 at Kensington Olympia66719 at Kensington73109 at Kensington Olympia377 213 at Shepherds Bush378 218 at Shepherds Bush73109 at Shepherds Bush47818 at Norwich377 205 at Hemel Hempstead350 265 at Hemel Hempstead"Lord Phil" at MatlockD8 at Matlock31270 at Rowsley SouthD8 at Rowsley South"James" at Rowsley South

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