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Two visits to the Döllnitzbahn either side of a day spent on the Oberweißbacher Berg - und Schwarzatalbahn with it's funicular and unique isolated 600V DC electrified line at the top.
203 113 at Nürnberg Hbf99 561 at OschatzV10B lok at Oschatz199 034 at Oschatz Südbahnhof99 561 at Oschatz99 561 at OschatzOshatzOschatz99 561 at Oschatz641 019 at Katzhütte611.01 at Lichtenhain112 10 at Lichtenhain479 203 at LichtenhainLichtenhain479 203 at Lichtenhain479 205 at Lichtenhain479 201 at Cursdorf479 201 at CursdorfLichtenhainLichtenhain

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