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Two days mostly re-living the past travelling on class 771 and 772 "Ferkeltaxe" (Pig taxis). Saturday was taken up by a charter run by Arbeitsgemeinschaft Schienenverkehr Münsterland e.V. providing photographic opportunities on freight only lines whereas Sunday involved a trip to the Erzgebirgischen Aussichtsbahn between Schwarzenberg and Annaberg-Buchholz.
642 700 and 172 171 at Chemnitz Hbf143 944 at Neukieritsch172 132 at Brandis172 132 near Altenhain (b. Brandis)172 132 near Altenhain (b. Brandis)172 132 at Altenhain (b. Brandis)Seelingstädt (b. Brandis)172 171 at Webau Großkorbetha172 171 at Webau1093 and 172 171 Wählitz Werkbf1093 and 1218 at Wählitz Werkbf1093Tagebau Profen172 132 at Deuben1210 at DeubenMibrag wagons at Deuben172 171 near Deuben29 003 at Profen172 171 and 1256 at Profen1214, 1215 and 1256 at Profen

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