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The first day of PTG Tours "More Sines of the Times / The JD Farewell" was a relatively short trip from Porto to Tomar via the new line to Aveiro Docks and a stop in Entroncamento to look round the depot, works and recently opened museum.
1413 at Porto CampanhãAveiro Docks5623 at Pampilhosa1431 at Pampilhosa1903 at Pampilhosa1413 at Fátima4723 at Pampilhosa1413 at Pampilhosa2604 at Entroncamento1461 at Entroncamento4716 at Entroncamento1178 at EntroncamentoClass 26Class 262513 at Entroncamento0356 at Entroncamento1413 at EntroncamentoEntroncamentoEntroncamento1555 at Entroncamento

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