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Day 2 of "The Rocks & Shoals" charter was another perambulate round parts of Switzerland, today's highlight being a visit to the Oensingen-Balsthal-Bahn with haulage by two of their locos. This gallery also includes photos taken on our way home the following day ending with a rainbow on the Docklands Light Railway.
180180 at Spiez485 005 at  Neuchâtel184 at  Neuchâtel18411247 at  Neuchâtel20 at Balsthal20 at Balsthal651 at Balsthal184 at Balsthal601 at Balsthal15301 at Balsthal15301 at Balsthal206 at Balsthal1632 at BalsthalTm237 911 at Balsthal206 at BalsthalBalsthalTm2/2 at BalsthalBalsthal

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