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The third and final day of PTG's "Annual Enthusiast Events" started off with a 2550 class electric loco from Lisbon Oriente to Setil then an MLW 1551 class from there to the Pyrites mine at Neves Corvo. After running round, 1564 then took the train back to Poceirão where it was replaced by Alsthom 1905 for a very noisy run back to Lisbon Oriente.
2556 at Lisboa Oriente2556 at Setil1564 at Setil1564 at Coruche1564 at Coruche1936 at Poceirão1422 at Poceirão1454 at Poceirão1422 at Poceirão1564 at Poceirão1564 at Neves Corvo1564 at Neves Corvo1564 at Neves Corvo1564 at Neves Corvo1564 at Ourique106 at Ourique106 at Ourique1564 at BejaBeja1564 at Beja

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