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Another day with IC504 and IC505 although this morning we went to Zagorje to pick up the train and got off at Pivka to take some photographs rather than go through to Koper. Our linesiding session was cut short by a huge thunderstorm which produced some torrential rain.
541 004 at Zagorje310 003 at ZagorjePostojnaPostojna664 108 at Pivka664 107 at PivkaPivka664 107 at Pivka664 108 at PivkaPivka363 018 at Pivka664 120 at Pivka2016 083 at Pivka2016 083 at Pivka664 105 at Pivka664 105 at Pivka2016 920 at Pivka541 020 at Pivka664 107 at Pivka911 114 at Pivka

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