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Two days in Germany, day one being a journey from Passau to Hamburg the long way round (via the Rhein and Ruhr) and day two being a trip to our favourite haunts of Niebüll and Westerland.
143 321 at Frankfurt (Main)146 243 at Frankfurt (Main)80-35 165-5 at Frankfurt (Main)143 637 at Frankfurt (Main)181 209 at Frankfurt (Main)120 125 at Frankfurt (Main)KaubKamp-Bornhofen146 124 at BremenBremen193 855 at Bremen185 617 at Bremen421 387 at Bremen218 344 at NiebüllVT71 at Niebüll218 363 at NiebüllVT71 at NiebüllVT71 at NiebüllDE2000-02 at Niebüll218 371 at Niebüll

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